Frequently Asked Questions for Bird Trackers

What is the weight of the tracker?

The tracker weighs less than 55 grams.

Can the tracker be used in dense bush/forest areas?

Yes, the tracker can be used in dense bush/forest areas.

How is the data transmitted?

The data is transmitted via satellite.

What type of data does the tracker transmit?

The tracker transmits data on the bird's location, speed, and altitude.

How often does the tracker transmit data?

The tracker transmits data every 10 seconds.

What is the range of the tracker?

The tracker's range is solar powered and sub 55g.

What is the tracker's mount?

The tracker's mount is a sub 55g solar powered satellite based tracker that is mounted on the bird’s back.

What type of battery is used?

The Solar-Flight Satellite Bird Tracker uses a solar-powered battery.

What is the minimum amount of solar energy required for the tracker to function?

The tracker requires a minimum of 0.1W of solar energy to function.

What is the solar charger efficiency?

The solar charger efficiency is the amount of power that the solar charger is able to harvest from the sun.

What is the battery life?

The battery life is never-ending.

Can the tracker be used during monsoon season?

Yes, the tracker can be used during monsoon season.

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