SpoorTrack was conceived by a small group of engineers , in consultation with wildlife conservation experts, dissatisfied with the capabilities of previous animal tracking devices. They believed that technology might be used to better the lives of animals as well as humans.

The first major development for the company was a solar-powered Iridium satellite bird tracker that was not only lightweight and sturdy, but also capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions, making it suited for usage in isolated and difficult-to-access regions, thanks to the nature of the Iridium satellite network.

SpoorTrack's bird tracker is the result of thousands of hours of development, testing, and improvement. This groundbreaking gadget is the world's lightest and smallest Iridium satellite bird tracker, weighing in at only 55g.

This device has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a high-efficiency solar charger. This means it can function in low-light environments like dense forests and during the monsoon, allowing researchers and conservationists to monitor birds around the clock.

Following the success of the bird trackers, SpoorTrack began development on light-weight trackers for several other species, including crocodiles / alligators and collars for carnivores and antelope.

The firm works closely with conservationists and biologists to make sure that its technology is being used in ways that are both efficient and kind to the creatures being monitored.

SpoorTrack has quickly become recognised in the field of animal tracking due to the advanced technology and flexible data delivery options. Customers have the option to have data delivered to many popular tracking front-ends such as Movebank and EarthRanger, but also SpoorTracks own tracking portal, which is free of charge to its customers. 

SpoorTrack may have seen significant growth, but the company has never forgotten its original intent: to help animals and protect their habitats. Constant collaboration with scientists and conservationists helped the firm make sure its tracking devices were being used in a way that didn't harm the animals, and in fact, their devices set a new standard for animal welfare. The principles helped to establish SpoorTrack as a responsible and ethical business, and they were extensively adopted by academics and conservationists all over the world.

The company has grown and changed over the years, but it has never wavered from its commitment to innovation, enthusiasm, and animal care. 


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